Our Expertise

We provide best IT & administrative talent and consultancy in several revolutionary technologies for corporate needs around the world. Let’s have a keen look on these:

Big Data Analysis

With our Big Data expertise, business organisations can use analytics to figure out what’s most profitable for the business. We also help to create new services & products.


Take advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and automated cloud operations with the help of our veteran team and consultants. Come onboard today!


Our consulting services and experts assist clients with configuration and deployment of Microsoft Azure, offering wide-ranging solutions for businesses including virtual computing, mobile application development platforms, storage, network hosting, and analytics tools.


Our Salesforce consulting/experts help businesses to work in a more collaborative work environment. This helps them in improving their agility and interaction level with the existing as well as a new set of customers.


Our expert team helps you to unlock the power of data using Snowflake. We will work along with your team to develop strategy, customize, deploy and configure.

Cloud Development & Products

Our Experts help companies reach a faster time to market, decrease operating costs, and improve efficiency by fast cloud deployment and IT infrastructure roll-out.

Architect Development

Leadership is a primary quality in all our Architect Developers who help to implement the vision of the software that you need to develop.

AI-based Face Recognition & Surveillance

We have developed our own in-house app to strengthen exam security using AI tech to optimise face recognition and surveillance through CCTV cameras.

IoT & Machine Learning

We help startups in association with NASSCOM to develop IoT and Machine Learning technology. Our experts have been working seamlessly for almost a decade to bring Industrial Revolution 4.0.


Blockchain specialists can help organizations obtain trust, transparency, and traceability in supply chains. Our consultants can use any company’s available data to develop an efficient and reliable system that is hard to manipulate.

Power BI & Analytics

Speed up information analysis and performance evaluation with Power BI consultants and experts employed by Vensysco Technologies. Build your business on secure data analytics.

Smart Energy Solution

As a company it is our responsibility to employ experts to make our planet greener and sustainable. We deploy cutting edge technologies to achieve this goal.